Growing the value of companies

Terzi&Partners is a professional firm offering services for the growth
of companies value

Our Mission

Terzi&Partners is a independent professional firm serving national and international clients on innovation and growth with an impact driven approach.

Our mission is to work with entrepreneurs and CEOs on their companies strategy, capital structure and governance with the goal to the enhance their companies value and to grow the ultimate return for shareholders.

Terzi and Partners home staff

Our professional standards

We serve our clients by strictly adhering to standards of the professional approach.


Client first

Our client interest comes ahead of any firm interest, their priorities are our priorities.



We maintain full independence of judgment and objectivity for the benefit of our clients, telling the truth as we see it all the time.



Preserving our client and client personnel confidence is at the core of the relationship of trust with them.


Knowledge and Quality Execution

We serve our client in a superior manner, better than our client expects, by deploying the most appropriate capabilities for each situation.

Our expertise

  • Financial Services

  • Bio Pharma

  • Fintech and Hi Tech

  • Business Services

  • Industrial Automation

  • Private Equity and Venture Capital

  • Advanced Manufacturing

  • Chemicals

  • Energy