Corporate Finance and Capital Structure

We help our clients in calibrating the equity and debt position of the company in a capital structure consistent with the business strategy and the desired leverage and credit rating. We design a capital structure which is convenient and tax efficient, ensures flexibility to capture unexpected strategic opportunities and robustness to cope with possible unforeseen circumstances.


We support our clients in identifying the best opportunities for growth through acquisition and in managing the acquisition. We design the most suitable acquisition strategy, assess the strategic fit of the target, execute its valuation stand alone and in combination with our client. Also we offer support in the deal execution (including the design of the bid strategy, the assessment of financial impact, legal and regulatory feasibility, governance options, financing requirements, the execution of due diligence and negotiation, the management of regulatory authorities and stakeholders for the required approval, the contractual settlement and closing).


We support our clients in selling part of or all their business by designing the most effective divestment strategy, identifying and screening the preferred buyers and ensuring the best value creating deal execution for the seller including design of the process, preparation and marketing of the Offering Memorandum, management of due diligence, negotiation and closing.

Capital structure

We support our clients in the analysis and implementation of the most suitable capital structure for the proper functioning of the enterprise by identifying the most convenient leverage ratio satisfying the trade off between fiscal efficiency and the cost of financial stress. Adjustments to the capital structure are planned and executed to achieve the target debt/equity ratio while ensuring the desired credit rating, debt flexibility for capturing new strategic opportunities and financial robustness to face unexpected stress from the business.

Partnership and alliance

We support our clients in the search of partners with a business profile consistent with the strategy goals. We help in the negotiation of a partnership agreement that ensure the alignment on a robust business case with a clear goal for the partnership, a practical, equitable working model delivering fair value to both partners, the launch of a well paced program for the legal structuring, organization and start up of the new venture.

Initial public offering

We support our clients to raise the financial resources required for the growth of their business through the listing on one of the national stock markets (MTA, AIM), by testing the company readiness for IPO, managing the process for the presentation of the company to the investor community and monitoring IPO post market reactions.

Debt restructuring

As part of a turnaround and rebalancing plan, we support our clients in negotiating and executing debt restructuring arrangements by interfacing with banks and major corporate debtholders and leveraging the legal instruments available in the current regulatory framework (procedure driven by art. 67, 182 and 161 L.F.)



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