Corporate Strategy

We help clients in making hard-to-reverse decisions, ahead of time, in situation of uncertainty, with the ultimate goal to capture additional shares of economic profit. Our service is based on the use of the Strategy Method.

Strategy for organic growth

We support our clients in designing and implementing a strategy for the growth of their core business value. We assess the company capability to create value and identify the combination of strategic decisions and actions required to capture the full value potential of the company (new products, new markets, new competitive approach).

Strategy for value creation through M&A

We support our clients in identifying, assessing and implementing options for growth through bolt on or large acquisitions. We assess and implement the potential for value creation through divestment of non-core assets. We evaluate the strategic and financial feasibility of any M&A initiative.

Strategy of growth through innovation

We support our clients in improving their performance and top line growth through strategies that leverage product, process, and manufacturing innovation. We help them in identifying solutions for the acquisition of the required capabilities as well as in calibrating the allocation of financial resources.

Venture Strategy

We support venture initiatives in moving from their early/mid stage to their maturity by participating to the transfer of the business idea to the market, the build up of the operational capabilities, the development of the management team (providing temporary management in case of functional gap), the search of finance for growth through subsequent Series of fund raising, the management of current shareholders and new investors. We enter into a partnership with the venture based on Work for Equity framework.

Strategy for growth through partnership and alliances

We support our clients in implementing partnerships and alliances aimed at growing their corporate value through the entry into new markets and product segments, the acquisition of a competitive advantage, the innovation of the business model and the supply chain, the acquisition of new skills and technologies.

Corporate portfolio strategy

We support our clients holding a presence in multiple business and markets in assessing the economic potential of each business / asset and their ability to capture the inherent value of each. We provide solutions for reshaping the portfolio of corporate assets according to the Method of the ‘Natural Owner’, based on the principle that the economic value of any business is not unique but will always depends on who owns it.

Business valuation and investors communication

We support our clients in assessing the value of their business ‘as is’ and taking into account the potential impact of the adopted strategy according to common practice methodologies (for tangible and intangible assets). We help in communicating the growth of value implied in the adopted strategy through the construction and delivery of the “Equity Story” to the shareholders, investors, analysts, banks and other relevant stakeholders.



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